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Highlightes for September 2012 are listed below:

FYI, Look at the following dates and notice how many planes flew over our homes!


* During the first 10 days of September, 22L was used daily
* Within the first 5 days of September we received a CONSECUTIVE usage of 33 1/2 hours of constant 22L usage over our homes
* On Sept 8, we received another CONSECUTIVE 20 hour usage, nonstop.
* On Sept 12 and 13, we received another CONSECUTIVE 23 hour usage, nonstop
* On Sept 14th we had another 14 hour usage
* On Sept 17-18 we had another CONSECUTIVE 30 hour usage of 22L arrivals, nonstop
* On Sept 22nd, we had a 12 hour usage when winds shifted to the NW, and controllers FAILED to change runways jeoparding safety
* On Sept 24-25-26, 22L was used for a CONSECUTIVE usage of 56 total nonstop hours over our homes.
* On Spet 27, after a 56 hour usage, controllers yet again selected 22L totaling another 12 hours
* On Sept 30, 22L was selected at 4:30PM with straight WEST winds at 15MPH. This lasted until 10:30PM, once again performing dangerous landing crosswinds into 22L
* Out of 30 days, 22L was NOT used for a total of 5. I have monitored the other sets of runways at JFK, and there are days that the other runways arent used and those people have peace and quiet.

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